Latest correspondence with Nepal

Latest correspondence with Nepal

STOP PRESS August 22 2016

The rebuilding work on the school has been completed!

Latest email from Nepal following completion of the re-building of the school specifying in detail how TWOAT money has been spent.  Note some language corrected to clarify and commas inserted in monetary amounts and some conversions to £s.

Dear Dick and Rosaleen as well as all the members of Twoat Namaste from me Rudra and all my villagers.

Thank you very much for your kindly and heartfelt email sorry for that I have done too late to write you reply that´s the reason the telephone network has not been working very well due to the rainy season fourtunetly by today the telephone network bit better than past time so I am going to try send this message . All the villager are doing well as far as me my family hope all the things are going well with you and Twoat members which I have to send about the school news that overall school is running very well.

Although the rebuilding our school ready for the lesson for children it has just finished at four days ago so lesson are running in this building.  At first we had started just two rooms but after started 10 days later we decided anyhow we have to finished at this season five rooms than we had started five rooms finished five rooms .

We have made ten pairs desk and chairs other needed things but most of the materials have brought in credit so please send me money as soon as you can which I have to pay soon.

Apr 17 brought 150 pack cement per one pack 1500 Rs. 150×1500=225,000 Rs Total.
May 25 brought 170 pack cement 170×1500=255,000 Rs Total.
July 13 brought 50 pack cement 50×1500=75,000 Rs Total.

So in total brought 370 Pack cement 370×1500=555,000 Total.

Apr 12 brought sand 460 pack per one pack 60 kg.weight and we must pay per one pack 160 Rs. 460×160=73,600 Rs.
May 22 brought sand 520 Pack  520×160=83,200a Rs.

July 20 brought sand 150 pack  150×160=24,000 Rs.
So in total brought 1,130 Pack sand 1130×160=180,800 Rs.

Apr 15 brought aggregate 600 pack in a one pack 50 kg. volume per one pack 120Rs 600×125=75,000 Rs.

May 11 brought 680 pack aggregate 680×125= 85,000 Rs.

June 16 brought 200 pack aggregate. 225×125=28,125 Rs.

In total brought aggregate 1505×125=188,125 Rs.
Apr 29 brought roof teen 6 bundle.

In a one bundle 12 piece in 6 foot length. 6×12,000=72,000 Rs.
July 16 brought 7 bundle 7×12,000=84,000 Rs in total 13 bundle.
13×12000=156,000 Rs.

Apr 29 nails 8 kg for roof per one kg. 170 Rs. 8×220=1760 Rs.
Apr 29 nails for woods 25kg. 25×120=3,000 Rs.
Apr 17 steel iron brought 600 kg. per kg. 132 132×600=79200 Rs.
June 18 steel iron brought 700 kg 700×132=92,400 Rs.

in Total 1300 Kg steel iron 1300×132=171,600 Rs.

Skilled mason and carpenter unskilled labour in total 952 person (days?) worked for rebuild this school.
Skilled mason and carpenter paid 1250 per one day (note about £9 per day).
Skilled mason and carpenter 755 person worked 755×1250=943,750 Rs.

Unskilled labour per day 197 person (days?) worked.
197×900=1,87150 Rs. in total Rupees 2,387,185 (Approx £16,500)
So these are the expenses for rebuilding our school among of this expenses still I need to pay 856, 000 Rupees (Note just over £6,000) .At last time I got money form twoat 765,0000 Rs. its really nice to get you and twoat unforgotable help. Hope you would be able to continue.
that’s all for now I am going you send photos in my next page email.

that’s all for now.

sincerely yours


After receiving this email we sent the balance of the funds from our Nepal Appeal which were approximately £6,500.  Note we provided approximately £6,000 last year.  We realise that the school still needs to replace items of equipment that were damaged so donations will still be gratefully received and forwarded to Nepal.

Click on images to enlarge them

Completed School

Rebuilt school 2

All 5 classrooms are now available for use!


Inside of refurbished classroom

The inside of one of the rebuilt classrooms


Re-building work has started! Click on photos to enlarge them.

20160518_102221_resized 20160518_102233_resized 20160518_102259_resized 20160518_102314_resized

Before the rebuilding started


Received 21st May 2016

Dear Dick ,Rosaleen and all of our

TWOAT friends  Namaste Namaste…..form me Rudra as well as all from  villagers.

thank you very much for your kindly message.I am so glad to received that your email. it looks very nice pictures.I thought ,you all enjoyed the celebration party very much. (Note we sent Rudra pictures of our St George’s Day party)

Yes indeed, we started our rebuilding of school. just three days ago we started our school rebuilding  programme which first started two rooms because we need to use rest of rooms for study.although by this new year session some classes student are studying at this damage  building. we don’t have any solution accept to use this building all of our tarpaulins (temporary learning cente) had been fully destroyed by last year sun and rain  even though we built two temporary learning center by tent and we are using these too that’s why we need to rebuilding our school turn by turn.

I hope all the things are going well with you all here I am going to send some pictures of rebuilding our school.I hope you could see all.

your faithful



The following are extracts from emails received from Rudra in November 2015 and most recently in March 2016. 

In the more recent email he explains that although the weather is now good for building, the villagers are concentrating initially on the homes that were destroyed (about half those in the village) as the school can function for the time being in the tents which we funded.  As you might expect shortages have developed with respect to building supplies throughout the country.  There were also some temporary difficulties with materials coming via India.

Namaste is a greeting used in India & Nepal.

Dear Dick and Rosaleen as well as all the members of TWOAT NAMASTE from me Rudra.

Thank you very much for your nice email. We are very glad to received that your message. I hope things are going well with you all.

Yes indeed,the weather is being kind at the moment.  But still it has not started our rebuilding our school because our all the villagers have been very busy rebuilding their own homes anyhow they need to rebuilding their own homes in this dry season as soon as early and other problems the supplies we need the builders that could not get very easily in this  time.also  all the materials  price has been increased than past time because of blocked the India side borders but nowadays the borders situations getting normal than past time. and the villagers will help rebuilding our school after finished their own homes.

Lot’s of love and best wishes from all the Nepali poor  villagers.

Your faithfully

Rudra from Nepal.

We have added some italicized text to clarify what Rudra is saying.  For example we asked him to send us an account of how the re-building money we send has been spent about every 6 to 8 weeks and gave him a sample format.

Dear Dick and all members of TWOAT Namaste (greetings) from me Rudra as well as Kerung peoples.
Thank you very very much for your such a kindfull or helpfull message. All of our Kerung peoples are doing well except my mother. My mother is still doing so so….. that’s why I couldn’t write to you email before so far. (Rudra’s Mother’s house was damaged in a subsequent mudslide)
Thank you very much for raised money the rebuilding of our school. It is such unforgettable help.
I will fully responsible to keep careful account in my phone or computer. I will spend all money according to your suggestion which I will follow TWOAT instruction and sample (reporting format).
I will send you all the things which you need from us like photos and others.
As far as there is not any other organization that would like(ly) to help for us. This is only I know the government of Nepal which they should have to rebuilt our school but I heard that more than 23000 school has been fully damaged by earthquake our government does not have that much money to rebuild soon all these  schools.
How much money that we need which about approximately amount I wrote to you in my last email (£10 – 15,000). Definitely no doubt our villager will help to rebuild our school that they can help forever. Yes indeed it is really big contribution for Kerung children by Tadworth.
I have looked your photos which you have been doing presentation and participated
peoples. (We sent Rudra pictures of Dick talking about Nepal to our Annual Meeting)
I like it very much it’s such a kindly and Smiley face that I saw on your photos.

That’s all for now, once again thank you very much for all TWOAT.

Sincerely yours


ASM Dick's talk

This is one of the photos we sent to Rudra

 Go to News from our Project in Nepal

We have sent another £1,300 from funds donated to replace the teacher’s salary which we diverted to provide some immediate help. We are now sending another £5,000 so rebuilding work can start.

Much more will still be needed to rebuild the school.  If you want to help as well, you can donate either directly with a cheque to our Treasurer, John Tedder, at 103 Shelvers Way, Tadworth, KT20 5QQ or via our VirginMoneyGiving site here.

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