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Christchurch in Walton-on-the-Hill was the venue for “Sing Carols” led by Reverend John Gordon to raise funds for TWOAT.  The highlight of the evening was provided by a choir from Walton Primary School who beautifully performed a repertoire of songs from their Christmas Show based on Dickens’ story of Scrooge.  Mike Fox, Chair of TWOAT, told the children and the fifty or so adults attending about a school for 150 children of refugees from Myanmar where TWOAT has used money raised from previous “Sing Carols” events to help pay for the children to have three school lunches per week.  Unfortunately other food supplies have been reduced for the refugees as the Thai government wants them to return to Myanmar but they are afraid to do so.  TWOAT therefore needs to continue to fund the lunches.  The generosity of those attending contributed over £350 to TWOAT’s  2019 Christmas Appeal to provide funds for various schools that TWOAT supports.

Our annual meeting took place in November.  Reports concerning activities to friends and supporters included a presentation by Dr David Curnock a trustee of another local charity called BREAD.  This charity was established some years ago to support a hospital and local community in Berega, a remote rural area of Tanzania.  TWOAT has recently provided support for Berega Hospital to create a new epilepsy clinic using BREAD to provide the link.  Dr Curnock described how one Epilepsy sufferer, who had previously been enduring 3 or more fits per day, had had his medication adjusted and was now able to contemplate returning to school studies and leading a normal life.  TWOAT is paying the salary cost of the clinic’s outreach worker, Charles.   He has already started to travel to remote villages to check for Epilepsy sufferers who would typically be unaware of the true nature of their symptoms as these types of fits are often considered by uneducated people to be the work of evil spirits.  During his first few visits Charles has already identified 12 possible sufferers whom he has asked to attend the clinic.  The evening also included a tribute to John Tedder who was retiring after having served as Treasurer since the charity was founded.  During his thirty plus years in office the charity has raised over £500k all of which has gone to the overseas aid

thank you twoat

Dr Curnock speaking at 2019 ASM

Our Teas & Talks event in Christchurch Hall, Walton Street, Walton and another one in Kingswood Village Hall  raised over £300 for our projects.

You can view details of the individuals and local businesses  who kindly donated promises and the names of the winning bidders by clicking here: Auction winners 2019

To visit the now finished online auction go here but do note that many of the items marked with an * that went for further bidding to the Auction event received a higher bid there which became the winning bid.

These are photos from the Auction & Sing-along event on June 29th – click on them to enlarge.


Auction 4

Auction 1



The first John Allinson Memorial Sponsored Walk on Friday May 31st attracted 33 participants in the morning and a further 5 in the afternoon.  The weather was dry but slightly cooler than expected.

Note You can enlarge photographs by clicking on them.


Walk leader Dick Shelley outlining the initial route outside the Royal Oak in Brockham.


The early stages went along the old coach road between Brockham and Dorking


passing some interesting gnarled trees along the way.IMG_2979

Next we joined the Deepdene Trail climbing onto a ridge with spectacular views on either side.


Digby has his own sponsorship page and was very well-behaved, even carrying his own stock of “poo-pouches” until unfortunately he found a cowpat in which to roll!


Dorking Golf Club provided a convenient staging post with coffee and biscuits made available in advance.  Cakes were an extra luxury for those that felt the need.   The balcony provided lovely views over what appeared to be a very challenging hole with an elevated green with steep slopes ready to return their balls to inaccurate drivers.


The next stop was the Hope Family Mausoleum although it was not open for viewing.


A field with poppies continued the memorial theme and reminded us that the 75th anniversary of D-Day was approaching as we returned towards Brockham and the Royal Oak.


After a very pleasant lunch at the Royal Oak, Dick Shelley outlined the afternoon route to those continuing and the new arrivals.  Digby now had a companion as Revd. Tim Astin was accompanied by his dog Tess.


Dick led us over the Betchworth to Dorking railway line imparting some more historical gems from research done by local historian Jean Clew. This related how horse-drawn railway trucks had brought lime down from the quarries and kilns to be attached to the main railway near the bridge on which we were standing.IMG_3003

One of the best preserved kilns can be seen in the distance just above and to the right of Jeff’s hat!  (remember you can click the photo to enlarge the image)

We continued on to the Wyevale Garden Centre’s car park where a vehicle had been pre-positioned to return the footsore after 7.5 miles to the starting point.  Others walked on….IMG_3019

via the ruins of Betchworth Castle before they headed back along the coach road to Brockham and the Royal Oak.

The walk will be repeated on Saturday June 8th. Participants need to register at 9.15 am outside the Royal Oak in Brockham.

You can still support TWOAT and the walkers via the sponsorship page here

Historic Events

For details of our recent Incredible India Event please go here.

I am delighted to tell you that both the BBQ organised for us by Roger Ponsford and his friends in September and our Annual Social Meeting (ASM) in October were great successes with the money generated for our projects being nearly £500 by the BBQ and around  £1300 by the ASM.

I was very pleased to announce at the ASM that Shirley Gladman has accepted an invitation to join our committee.  Shirley is a resident of Walton and has a lot of experience in local authority administration.  She had recently made a proposal to our committee about a school she thought we might support in Ethiopia which we were happy to accept.

Two speakers at the ASM, who were from projects supported by TWOAT, explained how some individual’s lives had been transformed by these projects.  A health worker funded by TWOAT in Papua had trained other individuals who were now improving health across communities numbering literally tens of thousands of people.  A Trade School supported by TWOAT in Tanzania had regularly taken in destitute orphans and given them genuinely life changing opportunities to develop skills in areas such as computing.

TWT Committee

Members of the TWOAT Committee including Shirley Gladman with ASM speaker Naomi Sosa and her father Peter Trenier

We are very grateful to Roger Ponsford and the team of helpers who staged a Barbecue in aid of TWOAT in Roger’s garden in Walton.  .  Around 40 people attended and many compliments were paid to Marilyn and Duncan Reid concerning the excellence of the lamb steaks which had been barbecued by Duncan marinated in a special sauce created by Marilyn.  The bar organised by Alan Corrigal and the raffle, which included a painting donated by Roger Ponsford, both contributed handsomely to the £469 which was raised.

Note Click on images to enlarge them.


Roger Ponsford and the painting he donated to the raffle



Alan Corrigal manning the bar

IMG_2380 IMG_2381

Marilyn Reid in the apron who was responsible for the delicious BBQ sauce



The hot weather on August 5th encouraged visitors to buy teas, cakes and refreshing drinks provided by us raising well over £250 when  Keith and Elizabeth Lewis’ lovely garden at 41 Shelvers Way, Tadworth was opened as part of the National Garden Scheme

The total of participants in the two walks June 8th and May 26 was around 60 and £2 – £3,000 will have been raised when Gift Aid is included.

Over 40 people took part in the first John Allinson Memorial walk on Saturday May 26.

Click on photos for an enlarged image.

Walk organiser Dick Shelley indicating the route to be taken from the starting point at The Chequers in Walton.

Smaller Chequers


Big Seat Walk (2)

Walk organisers Dick Shelley and Adrienne Elliott at a stop by an interestingly carved bench in the Centenary Woodland commemorating the fallen in WW1

Walk Bench 2

The bench carved from one piece of wood shows examples from trench life as well as woodland creatures.

Distant Waklkers

The walk split into fast and slow groups – the fast group is spotted in the distance.

Walk Meadow

The Woodland Trust are sowing meadow flowers as well as trees.

Jean Clew Walk_edited-1 (2)

Local historian, Jean Clew talking to the walkers about the history of Walton.

Headley Tea room

Tea and cake were available at the Headley Tea Room and Village Hall Stores

TWOAT raised around £250 from the Bottle Stall we ran at the Walton May Fayre on May 19th.  Many thanks to those who tried their luck and to those who donated bottles.  We have a dozen or so  bottles left for future raffles etc so our projects will eventually benefit by over £300.

TWOAT raised about £278 selling teas in Keith Lewis’ garden on April 22nd when it was opened as part of the NGS scheme. Thanks go to Keith Lewis and to all those that participated or donated at these events.

The joint St George’s event with St Cecilia Chorus raised £1,000 with £700 for TWOAT and £300 for St Cecilia Chorus who shared ticket sale receipts.

St Georges

St George’s Evening with St Cecilia Chorus

TWOAT is very pleased to report that their Street Collection raised £533 on April 13/14.  Many thanks go to those in Tadworth,  Walton & Kingswood who gave money to our collectors and to the collectors who stood for us.



The TWOAT Committee

Click on picture to enlarge

Committee Mar 2018

We are delighted to announce that Antony Hawker has accepted an invitation to join us. Antony and his family live in Kingswood and all play prominent roles at the Church of the Good Shepherd where Antony himself is a Churchwarden.  Unlike most of the committee Antony is still involved in the world of work and so regrets that he will not always be able to attend TWOAT events but he has already started to contribute a new perspective at committee meetings and we are very pleased to have him.