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Christmas Appeal

This year’s Christmas Appeal relates to two schools that we already support by contributing to teachers’ salaries.  One is run by the  Mothers’ Union in Madagascar and the other, Emmanuel School, is for Burmese/Myanmar refugee children.  We hope to raise at least £1,000 to help with their running costs in 2018 and in particular to ensure that each child receives a lunch-time meal.  For some children this might be the only meal they have that day and it is well known that learning is more effective when children are not famished.

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Picture of refugee children from Burma/Myanmar at Emmanuel School in a refugee camp.  Click on picture to enlarge.

EmmSchool4 Smaller

Picture of children at Le Petits Sapphires Mothers’ Union School in Madagascar. Click on image to enlarge.

Mu School Madagascar

Latest News

The choir from Walton Primary School sang beautifully at the Sing Carols event organised for us by Christchurch.   Including the Gift Aid, which we will claim, over £180 was raised for our Christmas Appeal.  This is sufficient to fund lunches for 2 classes of thirty children (i.e. one class at each of the two schools) for a whole month.  The objective for our appeal is to be able to do this for a whole academic year so we are making good progress towards our target – an excellent result thanks to the children and the generosity of those attending.

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We are delighted to report that John Allinson has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours’ List for his “Services to Tadworth & Walton Overseas Aid Trust”. 

TWOAT is pleased to have helped facilitate 20 woollen blankets, baby clothes and teddy bears knitted by the Church of the Good Shepherd Mothers’ Union Knit & Rip group to be taken to the orphanage TWOAT supports at Berega in Tanzania.

Margaret Fox Branch Leader Good Shepherd Mother’s Union passing blankets etc to Gary Mann Chair of Berega Hospital and Orphanage’s UK based charity BREAD to be taken to Tanzania.

Blankets Small

Introduction to TWOAT

We are a small charity active in three villages in Surrey (Tadworth,  Walton and Kingswood) that provides support to a number of overseas aid projects that have some direct connection to this locality. Typically this might mean that someone, who has friends or relatives in Tadworth and is now working in the developing world, identifies opportunities for us to fund improvements to the lives of some of the poorest people on the planet.

We find that relatively small sums of money can make a huge difference:

  • By providing under £1000 we helped a community of some 6,000 people in Africa to gain access to clean water.
  • For £750 per year we pay for about 1,000 children in Kenya to be treated for Jigger Flea infestation – a painful and life threatening parasite that enters walkers’ bare feet
  • We pay the £1,300 annual salary for a village school teacher in Nepal, one of the poorest nations on earth.

You can see details of all the projects we currently support in the ‘Current Projects’ page.

The sums of money provided by TWOAT are of course tiny in comparison to the large charities, but you can be sure that any money you donate to us will go to the overseas projects that we support with no deduction for any costs of administering TWOAT and with a clear idea of how the money will be spent.

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The text below gives details of a  major project that raised funds to rebuild the school we have supported in Nepal

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These reports followed the progress of our help to the Nepalease school

NEPAL – The school and village we support in Nepal has suffered major damage from the second quake.  Most of the school is unsafe and many villagers had to sleep in the open until our money paid for tents.

UPDATE August 2016 We heard on August 22 that the school rebuilding is complete and all 5 classrooms can now be used.

For the latest email Aug 22 go here.

UPDATE May 2016 rebuilding work has finally started on the school as the villagers had been first working on repairing homes.

UPDATE  March 2016 We have had more emails from our contact Sherpa Rudra and we have added extracts from those to our Report from Nepal Post.  He has told us about having to delay rebuilding the school whilst villagers repair their damaged homes first, he also decsribed additional problems caused by monsoon rains and mudslides and that the village is not getting any help from the government or other aid bodies. The scale of the disaster is so huge in Nepal that small communities like Kerung are having to cope on their own at the moment. 

Our Annual Meeting included a presentation from Committee Member Dick Shelley describing how he met our contact in Nepal, Sherpa Rudra, whilst on a trekking holiday in the Himalayas.

Nepal Nov09 284

Committee Member Dick Shelley & Sherpa Rudra

He went on to describe the devastation caused by the earthquake and how our funds were helping villagers with shelter and food and how grateful they were to people whom they had never met.

ASM Dick's talk

Dick Shelley speaking at our Annual Meeting in 2015

The funds donated at that Annual Meeting were over £1600 and this has brought the total funds raised for Nepal to over £10,000 so many thanks to all those that have donated.  

TWOAT Nepal 4


He has used some of the money we sent to buy extra shelter for villagers who cannot use their homes and food for those whose stocks were destroyed.  However, the Monsoon season is starting to have an impact with wind and rain making the mountains more dangerous following the quake.  

The good news is that part of the school building has been judged safe to use and some lessons and school activity has resumed . Having the children in school will help the parents whilst they undertake the massive task of dealing with other dangerous structures and homes in the village.

We have sent another £1,300 from funds donated to replace the teacher’s salary which we diverted to provide some immediate help.

Since November last year we have sent over £10,000 to fund the start of the rebuilding project.

Much more will be needed to rebuild the school.  If you want to help as well, you can donate either directly with a cheque to our Treasurer, John Tedder, at 103 Shelvers Way, Tadworth, KT20 5QQ or via our VirginMoneyGiving site here.


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