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We have launched a new fundraising initiative to try to start replacing the funds that might have been raised by the events that we have had to cancel or postpone. For the next several weeks we plan to auction some item or service that has been kindly donated to us by one of our supporters or generously provided by a local business.

Previous donors: The New Kyber Kingswood  ; Silver Lantern Tea, Tadworth ; Dine with George meal delivery service ; Kingswood & Tadworth Osteopathic Clinic; Chapman & Son Butchers in Tadworth; Kingswood Tadworth & Walton Horticultural Society

                            ZOOM MEETINGS

During September and October we will be organising two or three Zoom video conferencing events which will include participation by some representatives from projects we support. Please watch out for dates.

Sadly it will not be possible to stage our usual Annual Social Meeting and dinner, but we plan to provide feedback to our members in two ways.  Reports from both Mike Fox as Chair and Antony Hawker as Treasurer will be circulated to supporters via email, post or hand delivery during October.  Antony and Mike, plus other members of my committee, will then be available to answer questions or amplify any of the details either via ordinary telephone or Zoom video conference between 8pm and 9pm on Saturday Oct 24th. We regret that we will not be able to provide the dinners that we traditionally serve to our supporters but we will be including one of our previous year’s recipes with the reports we circulate so hopefully our supporters will be as well fed as they usually are on these occasions.

Contact Mike.Fox2@NTLWorld.com if you would like to receive an invitation and and tell me whether you would like some help and advice about how to use Zoom.  You can actually participate in the audio part of a Zoom event via an ordinary landline telephone and you do not need to use a camera on your computer or phone if you just wish to be an observer.

              The Little Sapphires School Appeal

STOP PRESS  – We reached our £1,000 target but we are still collecting for other projects that we support which have been impacted by COVID 19

Please visit our donation’s page here.

TWOAT recently launched an appeal to raise funds to support The Little Sapphires School. It is run by the Mothers’ Union in Madagascar and has about 55 nursery and primary age children.  Unfortunately due to the virus and other local issues many of the parents can no longer earn enough to contribute the £3.65 per month that they were previously paying towards the school’s running costs.  TWOAT is already donating £2,300 per year to support the school and we could not add to that from our available funds as there are other projects also needing our help.  Our aim is to raise an additional £1,000 to cover the shortfall in contributions and at the time of writing we still have a few hundred pounds to go.  The school sent us some details supplied by one of the pupils called Dallilah – she is 9 years old and has two sisters but only she can currently attend the school.  This is an extract from what she said:


“I love my village but I hate corona virus. Because of corona virus in our village my sisters must stay at home, they don’t go to school now with me . They eat cold food with mum.  My dad works very far in the forest and digs sapphires.  He lives there and comes to see us after a week.  The food is good at the school and the headmistress is very kind to me.  I started school here when I was 3 years old. My mum takes me to school.  She has never been to school and says school is important for girls.  My dad too has never been to school…”

Unfortunately even after the COVID crisis is over, Dallilah’s father’s job has no real future as the government is banning the sort of dangerous wildcat sapphire mining in which he and many of the other parents are involved.  It is really important that the children of the village can continue their education as that will give them other opportunities to find work.   This is why TWOAT has launched its appeal to cover the costs for those parents who can no longer contribute.  Please visit our donation’s page here.

                        SPONSORED WALKS

We have looked at advice from both the Rambler’s Association and Surrey County Council and our two “John Allinson Memorial Sponsored Walks”, scheduled for the mornings of Saturday 26th September and Friday October 2nd, are currently permitted to go ahead with up to 30 participants under government dispensations for organised outdoor physical activities.  The situation is of course very fluid and fast moving but, unless things change, applications to take part should go to Dick Shelley  on 01737 817930 or at dickshelley@ntlworld.com.  Note we will have to regulate the numbers so it is essential that you do register with Dick before the dates for each event.  

This will be the first fund raising event that we have been able to hold since the lock down started and these are of course “Sponsored” walks.  Even if you are not able to take part yourself, we would be delighted if you might like to sponsor one of the participants such as our previous record breaking fundraiser Digby the Aussie Labradoodle!  If you wish to sponsor online you can find facilities to do that by visiting the home page of our web site www.TWOAT.org alternatively you can send cheques made out to TWOAT to our Treasurer Antony Hawker at The Holt, Alcocks Lane, KT20 6BB.

Message from Chair Mike Fox  posted in April 2020
When I circulated details of the TWOAT events that we had to cancel or postpone a few weeks ago I also said that we would aim to keep you informed about projects that we support and how they are being impacted by the pandemic.  As the first of these reports, I attach Mary Heath’s overview of the situation in India with specific reference to the three projects we support there.
TWOAT reports from India April 2020
Sunday April 19th was to have been the occasion that Keith Lewis would have opened his garden to raise money for TWOAT.  Unfortunately this was not to be but he has donated 2 x white Lilies (Everest) and 1 x red Lily (Red Power) all in 12” pots and about 18” high to be sold in aid of TWOAT.  He believes that each would normally be worth £10.

We are delighted to report that the three Lily plants raised £60 for TWOAT funds – many thanks both to Keith and to those that bid for them.

My intention is to take offers for each individual plant, the highest offers I receive by phone or email Mike.Fox2@NTLWorld.com up until midnight on April 30th will be accepted.
I hope you and your family keep well.
Mike Fox
Chair, Tadworth & Walton Overseas Aid Trust
01737 350452

TWOAT’s Annual Street Collection cannot take place on the planned dates in April, nor the John Allinson Memorial Sponsored Walks in May.  If it is possible to hold these events later in the year we will do so.


Having discussed the current health emergency with Curzon Country Cinema we have agreed that it would be best for the event to be postponed at least until the Autumn.  We are very grateful to Curzon Country Cinema for agreeing to change the date for their generous offer of a charity show to raise funds for TWOAT and Walton Primary.

TWOAT has supplied money to construct 4 x bench desks for a new village school to be created in a remote rural village in Tanzania.  The following are some pictures of the construction and completed items.

Fish Eagle 2 Fish eagle 3 Fish eagle School

We are very please to be working with the Church of the Good Shepherd Tadworth to raise funds for the Mampong Babies Home in Ghana.  Please use our donations page link to our Virgin Money Giving site if you wish to donate online.

Mampong Appeal Can wrapper

Tadworth & Walton Overseas Aid Trust held a very successful Quiz evening on Saturday Feb 8th that was attended by over fifty people and will have raised about £600 for our funds.  TWOAT would like to thank the Christchurch URC for kindly letting us use their hall.

We have been delighted to welcome Rebecca Paul who lives in Walton-on-the-Hill to our committee.  She has already made an impact by creating TWOAT’s very own facebook page which you can visit by clicking here

We are very grateful for the twenty or so carol singers who gathered at St. Peter’s Church gate at 6 pm on Friday 20th December to raise money for TWOAT in the streets and pubs of Walton.  The party  proceed up and down Breech Lane before cutting through the footpath to Meadow Walk then up Duffield and along to Sandlands Road.  They visited David and Val Larner’s garden overlooking Mere Pond to be photographed by their Christmas Tree.  After a brief stop to serenade patrons at the Blue Ball, they proceeded via Pond Farm Close to The Chequers where the staff kindly provided mulled wine and a delicious array of hot and cold snacks.  The residents of Walton were very generous and over £500 was donated to TWOAT funds during the evening.

TWOAT carol singing 2019 smakll

TWOAT carol singers in Val and David Larner’s garden.  Click on picture to enlarge it.

Christchurch in Walton-on-the-Hill was the venue for “Sing Carols” led by Reverend John Gordon to raise funds for TWOAT.  The highlight of the evening was provided by a choir from Walton Primary School who beautifully performed a repertoire of songs from their Christmas Show based on Dickens’ story of Scrooge.  Mike Fox, Chair of TWOAT, told the children and the fifty or so adults attending about a school for 150 children of refugees from Myanmar where TWOAT has used money raised from previous “Sing Carols” events to help pay for the children to have three school lunches per week.  Unfortunately other food supplies have been reduced for the refugees as the Thai government wants them to return to Myanmar but they are afraid to do so.  TWOAT therefore needs to continue to fund the lunches.  The generosity of those attending contributed over £350 to TWOAT’s  2019 Christmas Appeal to provide funds for various schools that TWOAT supports.

Our annual meeting took place in November.  Reports concerning activities to friends and supporters included a presentation by Dr David Curnock a trustee of another local charity called BREAD.  This charity was established some years ago to support a hospital and local community in Berega, a remote rural area of Tanzania.  TWOAT has recently provided support for Berega Hospital to create a new epilepsy clinic using BREAD to provide the link.  Dr Curnock described how one Epilepsy sufferer, who had previously been enduring 3 or more fits per day, had had his medication adjusted and was now able to contemplate returning to school studies and leading a normal life.  TWOAT is paying the salary cost of the clinic’s outreach worker, Charles.   He has already started to travel to remote villages to check for Epilepsy sufferers who would typically be unaware of the true nature of their symptoms as these types of fits are often considered by uneducated people to be the work of evil spirits.  During his first few visits Charles has already identified 12 possible sufferers whom he has asked to attend the clinic.  The evening also included a tribute to John Tedder who was retiring after having served as Treasurer since the charity was founded.  During his thirty plus years in office the charity has raised over £500k all of which has gone to the overseas aid

thank you twoat

Dr Curnock speaking at 2019 ASM

Our Teas & Talks event in Christchurch Hall, Walton Street, Walton and another one in Kingswood Village Hall  raised over £300 for our projects.

You can view details of the individuals and local businesses  who kindly donated promises and the names of the winning bidders by clicking here: Auction winners 2019

To visit the now finished online auction go here but do note that many of the items marked with an * that went for further bidding to the Auction event received a higher bid there which became the winning bid.

These are photos from the Auction & Sing-along event on June 29th – click on them to enlarge.


Auction 4

Auction 1

To see photos from our Sponsored Walk go here

To see our latest event go here.

We are pleased to give you news of two new projects.  We raised sufficient money during our Christmas Appeal so that we could send £2,000  for Berega Hospital to fund the training for a new Epilepsy Outreach Worker and for an associated epilepsy clinic to be established in the hospital.  One of the nurses being trained at Berega has applied for and been accepted for the role.  A suitable training programme has been organised at Kilimanjaro Hospital and this started at the beginning of May.

Charles Mng'ome

Charles Mng’ome recently recruited Eplilepsy Outreach Worker

Our second new project is to work jointly with the Church of the Good Shepherd in Tadworth to support the Babies’ Home in the diocese of Asante Mampong .  This followed a request for help from their Bishop, Cyril Ben Smith, who has had links with the Good Shepherd over many years.  We are sending an initial £500 jointly raised with the Good Shepherd towards emergency electrical re-wiring needed on safety grounds.  We hope in total this year to have jointly provided £2000 which will also  contribute to some of the staff costs associated with looking after the 50 or so babies currently living at the home.

Click on picture to enlarge

Bishop Cyril Small

Mike Fox, Bishop Cyril Ben Smith, Revd. Tim Astin and the Venerable Moira Astin Archdeacon of Reigate after agreeing support for the Mampong Babies’ Home.

For a video showing  the Mampong Babies’ Home visit YouTube here

Children from the school for refugees from Myanmar where we fund their lunches wishing TWOAT a Happy Christmas (see their hats for the lettering).  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

wishing TWOAT merry christmas 4 small

Mike Fox Chair of TWOAT writes

I am very sorry to pass on the sad news that my immediate predecessor as Chair of TWOAT, John Buckoke, passed away on January 13th 2019.  His funeral will be held at Randalls Park Crematorium in Leatherhead at 1015 on Monday February 4th.  In addition to his many years of support to TWOAT, John was very active in local government and also the Scout movement.

I would like to thank all those that contributed to our Christmas Appeal.  Donations and events over the Christmas period raised well over £2,000 so we are in a position to fund the establishment of the Epilepsy Clinic at Berega Hospital in Tanzania as well as continuing to support health camps in Kenya to treat children and adults against the Jigger Flea parasite.  With respect to the clinic, a training facility has been found in a hospital near Kilimanjaro so the next task is to recruit a suitable nurse to undergo the training and become the Epilepsy Outreach Worker.

Christmas Appeal

For the last few years our Christmas Appeals have related to helping schools but this year we have decided to concentrate on the other major way we help poorer communities which is via health improvement programmes.  We are examining, with advice from one of our supporters who is a retired consultant in epilepsy, the possibility of funding the establishment of a clinic specially for promoting awareness of and treating victims of epilepsy within Berega Hospital in Tanzania.  There is a considerable risk for people who traditionally use open fires for cooking and heating that epileptic fits can cause them to fall into a fire.  It has been estimated that there will be at least 30 children and adults suffering from epilepsy in the area serviced by Berega Hospital but only a few cases have been recognised and are being treated.   The speed with which the clinic can be established  will depend on recruiting and training a suitable nurse who will spread awareness of the condition and provide support to patients and their families.  The nurse’s specialised training will last about two months and take place at another hospital, remote from Berega and, with accommodation and travel, will cost about £1,000.  We hope our Christmas Appeal will raise enough to cover this and the other costs (medicines etc.) associated with establishing the clinic.  If the recruitment process takes longer than expected then we will use the Christmas Appeal money raised to further support medical camps run by the RUSH project in Kenya to treat children and adults suffering from infestation by the Jigger Flea. This unpleasant parasite typically enters children’s bodies via their bare feet and can cause disability and even death if not treated.  Any donations you are able to make to our Christmas Appeal can be sent as cheques or cash to our Treasurer John Tedder at 103 Shelvers Way, Tadworth, KT20 5QQ or by using our VirginMoneyGiving online donation facility here

For information about holiday accommodation available via TWOAT please go here.

To view the text of the original Trust Deed creating TWOAT and an associated data privacy statement please go here

STOP PRESS News from the school we support in a camp for refugees from Myanmar.  Thanks to generous additional donations from our supporters we have been able to send funds to provide a second lunch each week to start during November.  We have told the school that funding for both lunches will continue until at least October 2020.

I am very pleased to be able to show you some photos from the school for refugee children from Myanmar showing them appreciating the lunches we have funded for them since June 2018.
Med special thanks spelt rightMed say thank you word to TWOAT (2) Med say thank you word to TWOAT (3)

TWOAT children’s lunch cost in Thai Baht’s 40 to £1

Unfortunately as there are 150 children in the school we could only afford to pay for one lunch per week this year.  Previously the school could provide no lunches so our donation also had to buy cooking and eating utensils as well as food.  It costs about £8 per child to supply one lunch per week for the whole school year.  We hope that the generosity of our supporters will enable us to increase the number of lunches to two per week as we know that food supplies in the refugee camp are limited.

A statement from Mike Fox, Chair of TWOAT:

“I am sorry to pass on the very sad news that John Allinson, Deputy Chair of TWOAT, passed away after a long struggle with cancer at 1.30am on Monday Feb 12th 2018

 if you wish to donate to TWOAT in memory of John please click here

If you want to participate in or sponsor someone for our John Allinson Memorial Walks or to see photos from the first walk please click here.

As you may know he was awarded the MBE last year for his services to good causes in general and in particular to Tadworth & Walton Overseas Aid Trust of which he was one of the original founders and the first Chairman.  Unfortunately he was already too unwell last December to go to Buckingham Palace and receive his medal from the Queen.  In consequence his family asked me to present the medal to him in his bedroom on Saturday Feb 3rd which I did in the company of several members of his friends and family.  John could only speak in a whisper but he did say that he thought the award was really to all the supporters of TWOAT who had helped the charity make a difference in many people’s lives.”

John’s Thanksgiving Service

John Bradbury Allinson MBE – 24.9.34 – 12.2.18

The Thanksgiving Service for John Allinson was held at The Church of the Good Shepherd on February 28th and conducted by Rev Sharon Blain who had known John since 1975 when he, his wife Deb and his family had moved to Tadworth and he became a church member.  A Tribute to him was lovingly and amusingly presented by his daughter Sarah and son Richard who held up various items representing things which had been important to their father through his life.  First was a hat, one of a large number of favourite titfers for all occasions; then a mirror in which we could see his love for all of us, his friends and family; his time in the Air Force doing National Service and then in the TA teaching Air Cadets to fly was denoted by a model aeroplane; other items were a ‘Pink Panther’ video, and of course his favourite book, the Bible, quoting Corinthians 13 “Love is patient, love is kind, it does not boast, it is not proud.”   They summed up their beloved father with the final sentence “Yours was a life well lived.”  Rev Blain in her address mentioned that John had been a founder member of Tadworth and Walton Overseas Aid Trust and this charity was very dear to his heart, having devoted many hours to organising fundraising events.  He had been a Lay Reader, supporting many people to faith, and those sending condolences had remembered him as a kind, gentle, patient man, devoted to his family, including his three recently born grandchildren, and always putting others first.  

John and TWOAT

In October 1982 John Allinson was one of the original founders of Tadworth and Walton Overseas Aid Trust (TWOAT) and became its first chairman. He served continuously on its committee since then and during this time the Trust raised over £400,000 to help improve thousands of lives in some of the poorest communities in the world.  The Trust typically chooses projects to fund which have some local contact in this part of Surrey so that supporters can be sure that aid monies which they have provided are being spent well.  During his time on the committee John identified a significant number of the projects that TWOAT subsequently selected for support.  He maintained personal contact with them thereafter providing wise counsel as well as a communication link to TWOAT.  He was also a most energetic fund raiser especially via the many sponsored walks that he designed and led over the last ten years.  TWOAT plans to continue to organise annual sponsored walks which will in future be called John Allinson Memorial Walks to acknowledge the tremendous contribution he made to the charity.  John was awarded an MBE in last year’s Birthday Honours’ list as a direct recognition of his work for good causes in general and TWOAT in particular.     He will be greatly missed by all those connected with TWOAT.

Dad - St Peters

Note Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

JA Walk

John Allinson – first Chairman and one of the original founders of TWOAT.

 if you wish to donate to TWOAT in memory of John click here


Latest News

Our Christmas appeal raised over £2,000 so we have been able to tell the nursery school we support in Madagascar that they can provide free school lunches to all the 32 children for a year.  We can also fund one free school lunch per week for a year to the 152 children of refugees from Myanmar that we support in Thailand.

Cllck on pictures to enlarge them

EmmSchool4 Smaller

The Myanmar Refugee school that we support in Thailand

Mu School Madagascar

The Mothers’ Union school we support in Madagascar

The choir from Walton Primary School sang beautifully at the Sing Carols event organised for us by Christchurch.   Including the Gift Aid, which we will claim, over £180 was raised for our Christmas Appeal.  This is sufficient to fund lunches for 2 classes of thirty children (i.e. one class at each of the two schools) for a whole month.  The objective for our appeal is to be able to do this for a whole academic year so we are making good progress towards our target – an excellent result thanks to the children and the generosity of those attending.

for other news of recent TWOAT events go here

TWOAT is pleased to have helped facilitate 20 woollen blankets, baby clothes and teddy bears knitted by the Church of the Good Shepherd Mothers’ Union Knit & Rip group to be taken to the orphanage TWOAT supports at Berega in Tanzania.

Margaret Fox Branch Leader Good Shepherd Mother’s Union passing blankets etc to Gary Mann Chair of Berega Hospital and Orphanage’s UK based charity BREAD to be taken to Tanzania.

Blankets Small

Introduction to TWOAT

We are a small charity active in three villages in Surrey (Tadworth,  Walton and Kingswood) that provides support to a number of overseas aid projects that have some direct connection to this locality. Typically this might mean that someone, who has friends or relatives in Tadworth and is now working in the developing world, identifies opportunities for us to fund improvements to the lives of some of the poorest people on the planet.

We find that relatively small sums of money can make a huge difference:

  • By providing under £1000 we helped a community of some 6,000 people in Africa to gain access to clean water.
  • For £750 per year we pay for about 1,000 children in Kenya to be treated for Jigger Flea infestation – a painful and life threatening parasite that enters walkers’ bare feet
  • We pay the £1,300 annual salary for a village school teacher in Nepal, one of the poorest nations on earth.

You can see details of all the projects we currently support in the ‘Current Projects’ page.

The sums of money provided by TWOAT are of course tiny in comparison to the large charities, but you can be sure that any money you donate to us will go to the overseas projects that we support with no deduction for any costs of administering TWOAT and with a clear idea of how the money will be spent.

Click on images below to enlarge our flier:

TWT FlyerFeb 2018 2 up v2




For forthcoming TWOAT events visit our dates page here.

The text below gives details of a  major project that raised funds to rebuild the school we have supported in Nepal

For reports of other recent events visit here.

For brief updates on all our projects visit here.

For details of our committee members see here.

These reports followed the progress of our help to the Nepalease school

NEPAL – The school and village we support in Nepal has suffered major damage from the second quake.  Most of the school is unsafe and many villagers had to sleep in the open until our money paid for tents.

UPDATE August 2016 We heard on August 22 that the school rebuilding is complete and all 5 classrooms can now be used.

For the latest email Aug 22 go here.

UPDATE May 2016 rebuilding work has finally started on the school as the villagers had been first working on repairing homes.

UPDATE  March 2016 We have had more emails from our contact Sherpa Rudra and we have added extracts from those to our Report from Nepal Post.  He has told us about having to delay rebuilding the school whilst villagers repair their damaged homes first, he also decsribed additional problems caused by monsoon rains and mudslides and that the village is not getting any help from the government or other aid bodies. The scale of the disaster is so huge in Nepal that small communities like Kerung are having to cope on their own at the moment. 

Our Annual Meeting included a presentation from Committee Member Dick Shelley describing how he met our contact in Nepal, Sherpa Rudra, whilst on a trekking holiday in the Himalayas.

Nepal Nov09 284

Committee Member Dick Shelley & Sherpa Rudra

He went on to describe the devastation caused by the earthquake and how our funds were helping villagers with shelter and food and how grateful they were to people whom they had never met.

ASM Dick's talk

Dick Shelley speaking at our Annual Meeting in 2015

The funds donated at that Annual Meeting were over £1600 and this has brought the total funds raised for Nepal to over £10,000 so many thanks to all those that have donated.  

TWOAT Nepal 4


He has used some of the money we sent to buy extra shelter for villagers who cannot use their homes and food for those whose stocks were destroyed.  However, the Monsoon season is starting to have an impact with wind and rain making the mountains more dangerous following the quake.  

The good news is that part of the school building has been judged safe to use and some lessons and school activity has resumed . Having the children in school will help the parents whilst they undertake the massive task of dealing with other dangerous structures and homes in the village.

We have sent another £1,300 from funds donated to replace the teacher’s salary which we diverted to provide some immediate help.

Since November last year we have sent over £10,000 to fund the start of the rebuilding project.

Much more will be needed to rebuild the school.  If you want to help as well, you can donate either directly with a cheque to our Treasurer, John Tedder, at 103 Shelvers Way, Tadworth, KT20 5QQ or via our VirginMoneyGiving site here.



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